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Everything's not so hot in Australia

thumb-perth1.jpgSince August 2004, we have been living in Perth, Western Australia and we realized pretty fast that Australia's weather is indeed "not so hot" - hence our site title!

The adventures of two Austrians in Perth

This entertaining report on NotSoHot.at describes our experiences and impressions of life in Perth, Western Australia's capital city.thumb-perth2.jpg

Vienna is different - and Perth as well!

When setting out to live in a foreign country, there are certain stereotypes and preconceived notions that go with you - at least in the beginning. Our concept of Australia, shaped by films such as Crocodile Dundee, failed to take into account a whole host of differences we would discover in day-to-day living - little things completely different to what we're used to back in Vienna. We soon came to realize that not only is Vienna different (as proudly stated in every Viennese tourist guide), but Perth is different too.

Toothpaste, left-hand traffic, weather and other differences

thumb-meer.jpgWondering what's so different about Perth? Well, start with the toothpaste, try to drive safely in the crazy traffic of Perth on the wrong side of the road, endure the not so hot weather, and you'll begin to get a glimpse of what's different about Perth. A lot of these differences are charming, evoking simply a benign smile, but others are far from charming and leave you with a severe case of culture shock!

Quirks of Australian life

thumb-seewetter.jpgOur hope for NotSoHot.at is to bridge a cultural divide by telling you not only about Australia's vast natural beauty, but also of the small and large peculiarities that make up life in Australia.

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