Random alcohol breath test

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Last week I had my first random alcohol breath test and I had to blow into a breathalyser… (read more)

Australian driver’s license

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If you want to drive a car in West Australia as a tourist or overseas visitor, you can do that the first 12 months with your overseas driver’s license. After 12 months you have to apply for an Australian driver’s license. (read more)

Knightly drivers

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Something rather embarrassing happend to me last week. It was in the morning and I drove from the city to the office, because I was in the city to buy new… (read more)

Positive reinforcement for drivers

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Today I passed through a road work area where a speed limit of 40km/h was allowed. There was one of these electronic display panels which shows you the speed… (read more)

Double line road markings

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In Perth traffic is generally an amazing thing. Amazing slow, amazing paranoid, amazing aggressive and in addition amazing… (read more)

Mean radar traps

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Radar traps are really mean in Western Australia. In Vienna it’s common knowledge where the radar traps are situated, but in Perth they use only mobile radar traps. Their appearance is actually quite nice, like… (read more)

Double demerits on Perths’ roads

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The police in Perth has this marvelous system of keeping off potential traffic offenders from doing a traffic offense… (read more)

First visit at a petrol station in Perth - what fun

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My first visit of an Australian petrol station was pretty weird and I felt as if I would come from another galaxy. Monday morning… (read more)

Street signs in Perth

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In Perth it’s easy to find your way. At each regulated crossing you see a sign approximately 10 meters before the traffic lights which tells you… (read more)

Creeping around the corner…

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Driving a car in Perth is generally a rather slow activity. Many drivers drive gladly under the permitted speed limit. 60km/h in the city, sometimes are only 40km/h allowed. Some people think… (read more)

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