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Stromatlithes are the oldest living creatures on earth. But you need a lot of fantasy to see them. (read more)

The Pinnacles in WA

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The pinnacles are the most known natural tourist attraction in Western Australia. There are thousands of limestone pillars inmidst of the unnatural yellow sand of the Pinnacles Desert in the Nambung National Park. (read more)

Perth Zoo

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The Perth Zoo is amazing and surely worth a visit! Lot’s of animals from all over the world in a very well maintained zoo. (read more)

The Old Mill 1833

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The Old Mill is one of the oldest buildings in Perth, because it’s built in 1833. In Australian standards this is really really old… (read more)

Bell Tower

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The Bell Tower is a relatively new tourist attraction in Perth. The tower is sitting on the edge of the Swan River, close to the city… (read more)

London Court

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London Court is a small street in the city of Perth running between Hay Street Mall and St Georges Terrace… (read more)

AQWA - Australia’s Underwater World

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AQWA, formerlt know as Underwater World, is the biggest aquarium in Western Australia. AQWA is located in the North of Perth in Hillarys Boat Harbour and it’s about a 30 minutes drive… (read more)

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