Rent and utility costs in Perth

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If you are planning to spend some time in Australia and in Perth, the costs for living might interest you. We listed our expenses, so you can get an idea how much you have to spend for rent and utilities. (read more)

Down Under by Bill Bryson

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Recently I read again the book about Australia, which I read before our departure to Perth: Bill Bryson’s “Down Under”. This is a very amusing book about the wonderful queer things which happened and are still happening every day here in Australia… (read more)

Australian driver’s license

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If you want to drive a car in West Australia as a tourist or overseas visitor, you can do that the first 12 months with your overseas driver’s license. After 12 months you have to apply for an Australian driver’s license. (read more)

Skype - … call home

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After we had arrived in Perth, Western Australia, we wanted to find a way to call home as cheaply as possible. Have you ever paid an oversea phone call? Unbelievable … (read more)

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