December 26, 2005

Christmas in Australia - 2nd part

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Christmas in Australia is quite british. Santa Claus is coming - through the imaginary chimney. (Not many houses in Perth have actually a chimney, but that was never a problem for Santa Claus, was it?)

Santa Claus comes in the night from the 24 to the 25 December and the presents are there in the morning. We mention this, because in Austria we have a different tradition - for what ever reason, we really don’t know. Although we know Santa Claus, the presents are delivered by the “Christkind”. The translation for it would be Christ child, and it has probably there its religious roots, but for Austrian kids (and we think for kids in Southern Germany too) the Christkind is some sort of angel with blond curls and wings. Christmas is celebrated in the evening on Christmas Eve.

So, in Australia Santa Claus brings its presents in the night to the 25th December and you open the presents in the morning. Australians have Christmas trees, mostly made of plastics. You can also buy real trees, some sort of conifers. They seem very expensive and they are probably quite dangerous - firewise. The Christmas decoration is mostly very colorful, for my taste a bit too colorful - you find often blue-red-yellow-green blinking lights on the tree.

On Christmas Day there is a big family dinner. This is either a typical Australian barbecue or very British with turkey and/or ham, English vegetables and Christmas pudding. By the way the Christmas pudding is a very dense poundcake. We tried a piece of it and although it’s tasty, it is so dense and it sticks in your stomach for hours.

According to our colleagues at work, the Australians favor the British Christmas dinner traditions despite the heat. We thought because of the warm weather they would prefer lighter food like fish and seafood and salads, but as we know from ourselves, tradition is tradition, even if that means that you eat a lot of warm, dense food on a hot summer day.

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