January 3, 2006

Rent and utility costs in Perth

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If you are planning to spend some time in Australia and in Perth, the costs for living might interest you. We listed our expenses, so you can get an idea how much you have to spend for rent and utilities.

From our experience we can report the following:

  • Rent: in general it’s true to say, as farer away you live from the City Center, as cheaper the rent is. It’s possible to find a house from 200 AUD per fortnight, but it’s in the outer suburbs (it’s common to pay fortnightly in Australia, we get also our salary fortnightly).
  • Gas: Almost all people cook with gas ovens. We don’t really cook regularly, so our gas bill probably doesn’t tell you the real deal. We pay quartally approx. 12 AUD.
  • Water: We pay approx. 18 AUD for water every 6 months. There is an annual fee as well, but I think this applies only for the house owner and not for the tenant.
  • Electricity: We pay less in summer and a lot more in winter, although the air condition is running in summer. This winter we had a small electrical heater, which ran all day long because this winter was so cold. We paid in summer 150 AUD every two months and in winter we paid the double price. Our maximum bill was 390 AUD, but if you are not as cold sensitive as we are and you have a more economical heater, you should pay less.

Other costs that might occur:

  • Telephone: We have a land line from Telsta (the main provider in Australia) and pay for it about 28 AUD per month. We pay the actual connections over our internet provider, because there you can phone to Austria for 2.5 AUD per hour.
  • Internet: Our internet provider is iinet.net.au, we pay 49 AUD per month and a bit for the telephone connections as we mentioned above.
  • Health insurance: We have a private health insurance for oversea’s visitors from HBF, which covers mainly accidents. We pay quartally 1170 AUD for two persons. For additional covers, e.g. dentist, you pay more. We recommend the dentist cover, since we realised painfully that one appointment with the dentist can easily cost 400 AUD.

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