January 4, 2006

Summer weather in Perth - update

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Here comes the summer weather update from Perth. You won’t believe it, but it’s again notsohot in Perth.

According to the weather report on TV Perth experienced the coldest December for 83 years. The average temperature was about 6 degree Celsius under the normal value. Instead of 30 degree Celsius we had only 23.6.

New Year’s Eve was the coldest New Year’s Eve for years, it had only 12 degree Celsius in the night. It was quite freezy at midnight!

But this was only in Perth like this. In Melbourne, on the east coast, the Aussies experienced the hottest New Year’s Eve for 140 years! It had 42 degree Celsius!

Please tell us, why it’s always notsohot at our place! Maybe it’s really our fault that it’s so unusually cold in Perth this year! ;-)

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