February 4, 2006

Moonlight Cinema in Kings Park

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In Kings Park there is the so called Moonlight Cinema. Every year in summer they show movies in the Western Power Park Land (a huge children’s play ground) in Kings Park.

We thought that the moonlight cinema would be like in Vienna with chairs and tribunes, but it’s much better and more comfortable than that. Everybody brings all their picknick stuff, chairs, blankets, eskies, etc. It even seemed that some have brought their blankets from the bed room. If you don’t have a picknick and camping gear, you can borrow super comfortable bean bags and get food and drinks there. It’s just a little bit expensive, a beer costs 10 dollars.

The view is good and the sound really ok. The only thing you really need is a mosquito repellent spray, because otherwise they feast on you. And it gets quite chilly after sunset, so a blanket is a really good thing to have.

The moonlight cinema in Kings Park is a really nice alternative to the “normal” cinema.

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  1. Cheers wieder - Ich habe bis jetzt keinen Mosquito getroffen der nicht Osterreiches Blut am besten findet - susanne xox

    Comment by susanne aitken — February 19, 2007 @ 5:46 am

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