February 4, 2006

Go Kart in Perth

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We were Go Kart-ing in Perth. In the suburb O’Connor close to Fremantle there is an indoor go kart place (corner Sainsbury Road /Stock Road).

For 45 AUD you drive 30 minutes (3 x 10 minutes). The numbers on the go karts tell you the size of the seats. Number 3 is for kids and people with small bottoms like Mike, the larger numbers are for people with normal bottoms. I felt most comfortable in number 6.

The go kart hall is middle-sized and on one level. The first round was for warming up. When you know the bends you can almost drive without braking. Taka, Mike and Markus were the fastet with the most rounds, but one time I managed to be faster as my brother for 0,02 seconds :-)

The go karts are not built for large people and Mike had a badly bruised back.

You can’t slide on the walls, if you touch the wall, you are immediatly stuck. The superviser of the go karts has a power button to stop everybody, in case someone has a problem.

Conclusion: it’s hot, damn exhausting and lot’s of fun!

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    Comment by Samuel Peterson — July 17, 2009 @ 7:02 pm

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