June 26, 2005

Grid vs. lined paper

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I am always surprised when I discover that things, which are totally normal in the everyday life in Vienna, are simply not common or not known in Australia. One of these things is paper with a grid on it.

One day we went into a stationery shop to buy a paper pad with grid lines on it. Well, long story short, there are no such things. For which purpose should I need it anyway, they have paper with lines. I accept that it’s maybe just us who prefer to write on grid paper, but there was always grid paper in the shops because we needed it for the mathematics lessons at school. But obviously Australian pupils write their calculations either into lined booklets or on white sheets.

Well. It happened that I found a shop which sells paper pads with grids. But I didn’t buy one. Grid paper is obviously so unusual that a pad with 25 sheets costs nearly 4 Australian dollars (approx. 2.4 Euro), while a lined pad with 100 sheets costs only 32 Eurocents. I don’t have to write so desperately on grid paper.

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