June 26, 2005

Double line road markings

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In Perth traffic is generally an amazing thing. Amazing slow, amazing paranoid, amazing aggressive and in addition amazing oblivious when it comes to traffic rules or road markings.

Especially with double lines. Usually you find them on streets where turning is dangerous or could block the traffic flow. At particularly dangerous places there are not only double lines but whole areas painted on the road, which signal: Do not cross this area. Perhaps my driving teacher educated me too well, but I usually do not even think about crossing a double line.

In Perth this is completely different. Drivers pretend that these double lines don’t even exist. I’m quite sure they don’t see road markings at all and if they see them they don’t know their meaning.

A few times we had the dubious pleasure to go with our colleagues in their cars. Everyone, really everyone crossed a double line without any hestitation at least once. Each time I cramped on my seat and asked, if it’s normal to cross double lines. And each time I got the answer: “Yes, sure. Why not?”

Well, why not. Probably the road markers where so bored with their job that they decided to paint a double line there instead of a broken line. Perhaps I’m too much of a good girl and believe that the road markers or rather the office of the city council which is responsible for road markings have an idea of what they are doing. In any case I still won’t be able to cross a double line without a really bad feeling.

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