June 26, 2005

Prehistoric animals at home

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In our small, but fine townhouse we have a fair amount of small co-inhabitants. We already told you the story about our spider friends. However spiders are not the only creatures, with which we share our house.

armadillo.JPGThere are these small beetles, which look somewhat like prehistoric armadillos. They are relatively cute. If there is only one or two, I let them run or I sweap them out of the house with the broom. If they are too many, I also vaccum them as I do with the spiders.

More annoying are the ants, since our house seems to be on their route. They enter into our house under the door and disappear behind the skirting. We tried to put so-called ant sand on the threshold, but the ants are not stupid! They crawl simply up the wall around the sand into our house. But as long as they don’t build an ant hill in our living room, I can live with them quite comfortably.

Now and then some cockroaches come to visit us, but my dear husband rescues me by catching them with a cup and putting them back in the garden.

gecko.JPGAnother co-inhabitant is a small skink, which lives in our garden. The skink is actually quite cute. At the moment it has no tail, probably it threw it away out of defense purposes. Since it eats spiders and other small animals, it’s my favorite co-inhabitant in our house.


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