June 26, 2005

Not so hot - the weather in Australia

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One of our largest misconceptions of Australia, was and is the weather. The cliche of a hot Australia - an intolerably hot Australia was burned in our brains. Shows like “Das Universum” (a discovery/nature show) or films like “Crocodile Dundee” suggest that is really hot in Australia. The fact that Crocodile Dundee takes place in the northern part of Australia escaped totally our notice. Just like the fact that most of the Australian cities are closer to the South Pole than to the equator.

Long story short: it is simply not so hot as expected in Australia.

We realized that in Perth on our very first day. We arrived in Australia in the middle of August, which means in the middle of winter. And winter means it is cold in Perth. Because we just packed t-shirts, shorts and bikinis in our bags, we were not equipped for temperatures briefly above 0 degree Celsius. In addition it’s not really usual to have proper heaters in Australia. Therefore our first trip was a trip to the next shopping center to buy warm clothes such as jumpers and winter jackets.

notsohot.jpgIn travel guides Perth is always mentioned as Australia’s sunniest capital. Pretty soon we figured out that this has nothing to do with warm temperatures. Because if it has just 8 degree Celsius, it is simply freezy no matter how much sun shines on this day.

From November onwards, comparable with May in the northern hemisphere, it gets warmer and at Christmas it is said to be warm and nice. What shall we say. Our colleagues assured us that the this summer everyhting was different and it was not so hot as usual. It rained on Christmas Day the very first time for more than 10 years.

Normally it is said that it’s really really hot in at least two weeks of February, but not in February 2005. We never went out at night without taking a jacket with us.

To serve justice we have to say, of course it is warm in Western Australia. In summer it can become really hot too, but it’s not super super hot, because there is always a moderate sea breeze.

We are already nearly one year in Perth and the winter has already begun again. It rains quite a lot and my dear husband still reproach me that I didn’t want to take an umbrella with us from Austria. I couldn’t believe that it could possibly rain longer than a day a few minutes. It has been raining for the last two weeks all day long.

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