July 16, 2005

BYO - Bring your own

If you go out for lunch or dinner in Perth, you find sometimes restaurants which have this cryptical BYO letters written over their entry doors. BYO means Bring Your Own, and that means bring your own alcoholic drinks with you to the restaurant.

In case you already know that the restaurant you want to go to has BYO, you buy a bottle of wine in the nearest bottleshop and take it with you. The waitor in the restaurant takes the bottle, puts it into the fridge and serves you the wine to your meal. They charge a corkage for this service which usually costs between 2 to 5 Dollars.

It happens quite frequently that you see someone going into a restaurant with a bottle of wine, of course its wrapped in a brown paperbag. Restaurants with BYO are mostly restaurants which have no lisence to serve alcohol to their guests (see also the article about alcohol lisences A beer, please! ).

BYO is typical for Australia (I think only in New Zealand they have BYO as well). It’s actually quite nice for the guests, because you can drink the wine you like and the bottle of wine is certainly cheaper from the bottleshop than from the restaurant.

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