July 16, 2005

Dinner Time

It’s nice to go out for dinner in Australia, especially if you’ve checked that the restaurant is fully licensed or you’ve brought your own bottle of wine in the case of a BYO.

But note that it’s better to call the restaurant first and make a reservation for a table, because altough the restaurant may be totally empty, you may still get no table. Because dinner time is later than we are used in Austria. It’s not unusual to meet eachother for dinner at 7pm in Vienna, but at this time many restaurants in Perth are still empty.

We went lately to a restaurant without having made a reservation. It was 7.30pm, almost all tables were empty, but we still didn’t get a table. The restaurant had a nice bar and so we spent quite some time there, drinking cocktails and waiting for a table. At 9:15 we finally got a table. We were mighty hungry and … a little tipsy. Long story short, our meals were served at 10:15, and we had our dessert at 11pm. But we were lucky, because other guests got their main courses at this time. We left at 11:30, but the restaurant was still very full.

In the south of Europe it’s normal to have dinner late in the evening, but to be honest, the meal - as good as it was - was rather hard to digest in the middle of the night.

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