July 16, 2005


If you want to buy beer or alcohol in general, you can buy it only in bottleshops. You can’t buy a beer crage in the supermarket as we are used in Vienna.

Besides they don’t have beer crages here in Australia. Beer is sold in 0.3 liter bottles or cans and they are available either in sixpacks or in cardboard boxes. Sometimes you may find a foreign beer, often from Germany, that comes in a normal, i.e. 0.5 liter bottles.

bottleshop.jpgIt depends how big the bottleshop is, but most of the time you find quite a big sortiment of beers, wines and spirits. A really fine thing is that each bottleshop has a cold storage room, so you can buy cold beer from the bottleshop. A funny experience are these bottleshop drive-ins. You drive in, order your drinks and they put the beer into your car boot.

In general alcohol is quite expensive. We even bought Australian wine (Hardy’s) cheaper in Vienna than here in Perth!

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  1. You can also buy ‘tallies’, which vary from state to state, but here are 650mL if i recall correctly. Wines are often expensive, unless you know a ‘good place’. Buying straight from the wineries in bulk is relatively common over here, and will get a much better price. Also shipping overland to WA may be more then shipping via air to Vienna, depending on the size of each shipment.

    Comment by Jack — April 27, 2008 @ 10:26 pm

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