July 22, 2005

Fluffy Bread

Bread happens to be different in every country. Especially when it comes to wholegrain bread. It seems that real wholegrain bread exists only in German speaking countries. At least in my experience.

In my opinion wholegrain bread should be made from flour other than wheat flour, should have some seeds in it, should be rather dark and should have a crust. The latter I would also expect from white bread.

However Australians have a different idea about bread. For them the ideal bread is square-shaped, is already sliced, has no crust at all, is made from wheat flour and looks like toast bread in Austria. Therefore the bread is, due to the lack of a crust, rather soft and fluffy.

We were lately in a supermarket and we put such a fluffy bread - for toasts - in our trolley. While we were shopping we put other things on top of the bread. But that turned out to be not a very good idea. As we put our things on the conveyer band at the cash desk, the bread was as flat as a pancake!

Sometimes they offer wholegrain bread in supermarkets, but this wholegrain bread is just a little darker than white bread, it is of course also square-shaped, sliced and fluffy. You can imagine how happy we were as we discovered rye bread in one of the supermarkets. It is not exactly a dark bread, but it’s significantly darker than white bread, it has seeds in it, it is shaped as a bread leaf should be, that means it’s rather oval than square-shaped, it’s not pre-sliced and it has a crust!

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