July 16, 2005

Payment in restaurants

If you go out for dinner in Perth, the payment procedure is slightly different than in Austria.

In a pub for example, you order your drinks and meals at the bar and you pay immediately. If you’re lucky you just have to wait for your drinks at the bar and the rest will be brought to your table. If you’re not lucky, they shout through the whole pub when your meal is ready and you can get it from the bar.

In restaurants you order your drinks and meals at the table as usual. But if you want to pay, you have to get up and find the cash desk. This is not so easy as it may seem, because sometimes it’s not obvious where the cash desk is situated. It’s not always next to the entry door.

If you go out for dinner with more people, be prepared that they will issue only one receipt per table. So afterwords you have to tediously calculate the amount each of you have to pay. There is certainly always one that has to pay too much. The restaurants don’t care if this is not very convenient for their guests, since they don’t get tipped, they have no advantage if they get paid by each guest individually.

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  1. In Australia (or at least the part i live in) the general way to pay the restaurant is to split the bill evenly, and then pay your part. Discrepancies are usually minor, and it saves time :) .

    Comment by Jack — April 27, 2008 @ 10:18 pm

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