August 2, 2005

Coffee and cake

In Perth there are a lot of cafes which serve really good coffees. A cappucino comes with milk foam, a flat white is coffee with milk, a cafe latte is a cafe latte. If you like whipped cream in your coffee, order a cafe vienna. It’s obviously really a Viennese thing to have whipped cream in your coffee.

If you want to drink coffee at home or in the office, you have to take potluck with instant coffee, since it’s not common to have a coffee machine at home. We tried a lot of different instant coffees and we’ve found finally a drinkable one. It’s called Nescafe Espresso and the label on the glas says that the coffee is strong and spirited. Well, it’s not strong at all and why it should be spririted it’s probably a question for the marketing people of Nescafe, but as we said before, the coffee is at least drinkable. We have a different instant coffee in the office, which I am used to by now, but Mike still refuses to have a coffee in the office and stays rather with tea. The tea tastes at least as tea is supposed to taste.

A lot of the coffeehouses have self-service, which can be seen as an adventage. Because if there is service or you order a coffee to your dessert in a restaurant, you may rest assured that the coffee comes 10 minutes later than your cake. Most of the time you have already finished your dessert and the coffee is still not there. Why they don’t serve coffee and cake at the same time is a mystery to me. It’s just annoying when you ordered a warm cake which is then already cold when the coffee finally arrives.

Cakes and tarts are in general a bit strange here. Most cakes look very good and you always get a really huge piece of cake, one which makes two people really full. Unfortunately the texture and the taste of it is not really satisfying. But to be fair, we come from a country where every child is raised with really yummy cakes and tarts and sweet things, so it’s sure not an easy thing to convince spoiled Viennese taste buds.

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