August 5, 2005

Wine in a cartboard box

Last week we saw a man at the station who had a small cartboard box in front of him. I didn’t realize at first what this box could be. Not until the man started to drink out of the box.

Schachtelwein.jpg So the next time we went to the bottleshop, we bought also such a cardboard box. In this cardboard box are not only two but three liters of cheap wine.

Schachtelwein2.jpgAt home the first challenge was to find out how to get the wine in a glass. You can open the box on one side of the box and out comes some sort of plastic stopper. The wine itself is packed in a foil. When you push the stopper, the wine starts to run out of the box.

We’ve bought the cheapest cardboard box of wine and we didn’t care about the type of wine. Big mistake. The label on the box tells you in big letters that the wine is port wine, but we just didn’t read it. Anyway, the wine is very, very sweet red wine. But as it is so cold at night at the moment, we will certainly manage to finish the cardboard box.

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