August 6, 2005

AQWA - Australia’s Underwater World

AQWA, formerly know as Underwater World, is the biggest aquarium in Western Australia. AQWA is located in the North of Perth in Hillarys Boat Harbour and it’s about a 30 minutes drive from the city center. The aquarium is a guide to the coast region in Western Australia and it is divided in four major areas:

1. Far North Coast
2. Shipwreck Coast
3. Perth Coast Marmion Marine Park
4. Great Southern Coast

Hai.jpgAQWA is not only an aquarium to watch fishes and sharks, but you can also experience so called “AQWA Adventures”. You can dive or snorkel with sharks and whales. The latter only from September to December during the whale migration. However for us it was enough to watch the sharks in the aquarium. This is exciting enough! There is a special adventure for kids. A sleepover in the shark aquarium can be arranged. Of course not in the aquarium, rather besides the aquarium. :)

Shipwreckcoast.jpgOur favorite area in AQWA was the Shipwreck Coast. There is a tunnel under a huge aquarium. On a slow-moving conveyer belt you can watch the exciting underwater world of Western Australia. Hundreds of fish, huge stingrays, sharks and turtles swim majestically past the plexiglass tunnel. It’s totally exciting when sharks show their bellies and their teeth. We liked the tour through the Shipwreck Coast so much, we went through the tunnel at least three times!

Nemo.jpgReally nice is also a small pool in which small fish, stingrays, slate pencil urchins and star fish live. Because you’re allowed to touch them! The skin of the stingrays is very rough and feels like sand paper. When they have enough of your attention, they simply swim out of your reach, until they want to be touched again.

Qualle.jpgThere are also a lot of smaller aquariums. You can watch many colorful fish, lobsters, sea horses, sea dragons, fluorescent jelly fish and many more. There is also an area for crocodiles, quite small ones and outside there is a pool for seals. They are so cute, especially when they swim on their back.

If you visit Perth, AQWA is certainly worth a visit. But be aware that you need a minimum of two hours, because there is so much to see. And since AQWA is a children-friendly place, expect a lot of kids running around - totally excited - and making some noise.

For more info about AQWA please visit their web site


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