September 20, 2005

Call from the dentist

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Here in Australia they have this very handy habit of calling you, if you have an appointment with someone.

Telefon_1.jpgIf you have an appointment with the dentist, or optometrist or hair dresser, they call to remind you of your appointment.

Isn’t that nice? You will never forget a denist apppointment again which you arranged three months ago!

Of course I have to say that most doctors have private surgeries here. I don’t think that our Australian dentist has the approximate amount of patients as a Viennese dentist is used to have who has a contract with the compulsory health insurance fund (most medical practitioners in Austria have a contract with this fund, because the Austrian social security system covers medical expenses). But still, I really appreciate that phone service. And it’s really nice that someone calls us, otherwise our phone would forget how to ring!

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  1. It is great that some places call the day before appointments, but you are sadly wrong about the Government covering dental fees. Unless you are in a private health fund, you are totally on your own for private dental treatment other than emergenies.
    There is a basic public dental system here in Australia but unless you are prepared to wait hours to get in, live in a capital city or prepared to travel to one and have $20 dollars then forget it. Our public dental clinics treat emergencies only, other wise it is years on a waiting list.

    Comment by Mish — July 24, 2007 @ 7:56 pm

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